Agriculture equipments for Farmers

Mechanization involves judicious application of inputs through the use of farm machinery and equipment. The demand for the farm mechanization in the country is increasing in recent times because of the ease of which farm mechanization might improve farmer productivity and timing. Traditionally India has relied on cattle & human resource for farm operations. With change in time, there were lot of new equipment introduced in farm to reduce manpower hours and increase work efficiency.

Mild Steel Agriculture Tractor Cultivator
tarpaulin or tarp is a large sheet of strong
Sprayer Pump For Agriculture
Tractor Rotovator
Agriculture Taiwan Sprayer
Hydraulic Tractor Cultivator
agricultural small digging machine
Agricultural Mini Power Tiller

Agri equipment play very important role in agricultural operations and contains various tools including

  • Weeders: weeders are tools which are used for effective removal of weeds manually, unlike weedicides no chemicals are used in this process hence, protects plants from toxic chemicals weeding tools are also known as hand hoes and Khurpi.
  • Sprayers: Sprayers are used in agriculture for spraying fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides which are present in the liquid form. Several types of sprayers are available in the market but the most used one is are hydraulic sprayers.
  • Tiller: Tillers also called as power tillers are used for various purposes like preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, fertilizer and pesticide application and watering
  • Hand tools: There are many hand tools which are used in agriculture each has its own purpose. Some of the hand tools include sickle, hand hoe, shovel, fork and rake.
  • Other implements: In addition, there are several other implements which are used in agriculture and include either bullock drawn or tractor drawn implements.

In addition, agri-equipment also contain tools which are effectively used as biocontrol agents in crop protection and include Mulch sheets, sticky traps, fruit covers

  • Sheets: Mulch sheet acts as a layer between crop plants and external environmental conditions thus protecting the crops, in addition it also prevents soil run-off, and maintain soil temperature
  • Covers: fruit covers which are also called as the crop covers are used to cover the fruits thus preventing the pest or insect attack at the same time allows sunlight and air to pass through them

There are several other ancillary products which are helpful in crop protection in agriculture one such example is tarpaulin

  • Tarpaulins: Tarpaulins, which come in a variety of sizes and are guaranteed waterproof, can be used to cover vegetables crops, grass, straw, and farm equipment.

Agri Equipment is necessary to enhance productivity and conservation of energy required for various operations involved in crop production like winnowing, weeding threshing, processing, transportation, value addition, storage etc and guarantees accuracy in service, saves time and labor and reduced drudgery associated with multiple farm activities, thereby maximizing the potential of available capital.

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To accelerate agricultural mechanization, the government has placed a focus on providing financial assistance to farmers and other target groups for the procurement of various types of farm machinery through subsidies, as well as demonstrations of new equipment among farmers to propagate new technology. Jai ho kisan also enables farmers to get the information related to subsidies and eligibility criteria which makes it easy for them.